A new resource is available for families of children with autism in Iowa. Known as the Autism Support Program, or “ASP,” the program pays for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for families of children under age 9 diagnosed with autism–families... Continue Reading

Autism presents a challenge to many adults, children and families. Unfortunately autism numbers are exploding, but with the right supports, there is hope.  The Homestead unites science with imagination, evidence with creativity and research  with compassion to create innovative solutions... Continue Reading

Iowa will implement a plan titled Medicaid Modernization. Simply stated, Iowa will select 2 to 4 managed care organizations to help administer the Iowa Medicaid program.  This includes services such as case management, Home and Community Based Services, Medicaid ABA and... Continue Reading

It seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? How many children are there with autism?  It’s usually the second question I get, right after “Why so many?” Today the CDC released its newest projections.  1:68 children who are 8 years... Continue Reading

School is back in session for most of our kids. It is easy for us to view that as their “work day” and therefore fall into the habit of viewing home time as being a break from work. With that... Continue Reading

If you access services at The Homestead through Medicaid, or through the Autism Support Program or use a combination of private insurance and Medicaid, you will want to make sure you received an enrollment packet from Iowa Medicaid and register... Continue Reading