Our Roots


In 1991, a group of families, individuals and leading autism experts met at the heart of Iowa.

Together, we shared a vision: to find a better way to support people living with autism. A way that championed independence, rather than institutionalization. That offered not only safety and support, but self-empowerment. That united the best parts of the heart and the mind: science with imagination, evidence with creativity, and research with compassion.

Our vision was Balance.

At the time, we called our organization “The Homestead.” Since then we’ve evolved. Our staff has increased. Our capabilities have broadened. As the field of autism research has evolved, we’ve brought its most effective solutions to the families we serve.

Today, as Balance Autism, we offer more services to more people than ever before.

And yet, as much as we’ve grown, our mission has remained rooted in our core value:

To bring balance to the lives of those we serve.