A special visit to The Hill

On December 22, 2021, Governor Kim Reynolds was recognized with the Autism Speaks' 2021 Public Service Award for championing initiatives that support adults with autism in Iowa.  Balance Autism's Dr. Scott Atwood (VP of Adult Services) and Jaffet Rodriguez (ACS Program Manager), along with Alexa and Gary, helped present this award to the governor last month in appreciation of the Governor's support of the autism community.

"We are honored to recognize Governor Reynolds’ support for our employment initiatives in Iowa, especially with the development of our Workplace Inclusion Now (WIN) program with Lee Container. Since the WIN program’s inception two years ago, the Governor has extended her support through engagement with the Autism Speaks team and project leads. This project aligns closely with the Governor’s signature policy initiative, Future Ready Iowa, which aims to connect Iowans to the education and training required for good paying jobs and careers. By personally volunteering her and her office’s support for the WIN program, she continues to serve as a valuable champion of the autism community and employment opportunities for autistic adults." - Autism Speaks

Balance Autism congratulates Governor Reynolds on her award. We'd also like to express our appreciation and special thank you to her for making our visit to The Hill extra memorable.