Balance Autism proudly announces a new service in our Clive location. 
(Also being piloted in our Quad Cities location for summer, 2023!)

After a successful pilot launch in both locations thru the summer of 2022, Balance Autism launches the NEW integrated preschool program in Clive, IA. Applications are OPEN and we are seeking 3 to 6 year olds without an autism diagnosis to attend.


Children in integrated preschool will learn from highly trained teachers and staff.  Additionally...

Children with autism will receive

Children without autism will receive

  • peer models for social sills
  • a structured preschool curriculum at low cost
  • accessibility to group instruction
  • ABA strategies to support effective learning
  • opportunities for additional services
  • reduced teacher to student ratio


Open Enrollment Sessions

Applications will be accepted for three start times throughout the year.
September (2023), January (2024), June (2024)



Balance Autism's Integrated Preschool is affordable and comparable with other programs in the Des Moines metro at $100/week.  


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