NEW Clinic - NEW Insurance Card - NEW Resource Available - NEW Event

NEW Clinic


We started this new year off with a bang! Our children’s clinic team has been providing in-home ABA services and telehealth parent training in the Omaha/Council Bluffs region under the supervision of clinic director, Lindsay Ward and clinic supervisor, Angela Ziegler (Toop). However, in an effort to grow and improve the accessibility of our services for families in the community and surrounding areas, we recently signed a lease for a clinic space to provide in-clinic services.

We accepting new clients and hiring in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area!

Pictured below is the first session in our new space.

NEW Insurance Cards?

Our diligent billing team is conducting a comprehensive review of 2024 benefits and coverage for all our valued members. We kindly ask for an updated copy of your loved one’s insurance card to ensure accurate billing and benefit application. Ease your efforts by requesting a front desk team member to assist with a copy. This step allows us to serve you better by maintaining up-to-date records in our system.

NEW Resource Available

In his quest to make air travel more accessible and comfortable for individuals with autism and other special healthcare needs, Jonathon Sutter visited with our very own Dr. Atwood last week. The meeting focused on the exchange of innovative ideas and expanding network connections to facilitate Jonathon's initiative. Jonathon’s efforts, which span numerous air travel companies and the TSA across the country, aim to create a comprehensive resource list to enhance the air travel experience for this special population.

To learn more about this pioneering resource, visit

NEW Event - Save the Date


Mark your calendars for an extraordinary event at our Iowa City Clinic. While details will follow soon, rest assured that this is an occasion you'll want to be part of. In line with our tradition of creating memorable experiences that foster community and support, this event promises to be no different. Stay tuned for more information.