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Balanced Beginnings - Integrated Preschool

Balance Autism offers preschool in Clive, IA

After a successful pilot run in 2022, Balance Autism is launching a full preschool program for the 2023-2024 academic year and beyond. 

In a current climate of limited preschool options in central Iowa, the addition of integrated preschool at Balance Autism has been timely. For  typical-developing peers, it provides the opportunity to access and excel in a preschool curriculum and setting where they learn skills including problem solving, acceptance, teamwork, and autonomy in the classroom for kindergarten readiness. For our friends with autism, it gives them access to a preschool setting and curriculum with the additional support of having their BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) involved, and the support staff trained in successful intervention. With a student to teacher ratio of 8:4, participants are able to have all of their learning needs individualized based on how they are learning and where they need more support.

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall, 2023 session for children without an autism diagnosis.  If interested, please fill out an application here:



Understanding Autism

WHO Channel 13 launches Understanding Autism in April and beyond

WHO Channel 13's Erin Kiernan launched an 8+ week video series covering many important topics with autism at the forefront.  Family dynamics, services and funding availability (and related challenges),  residential options, employment and vocational opportunities are some of the things shared and discussed in her stories by a number of parents, providers, employers, and individuals with autism, too.  Balance Autism has several familiar faces involved in many of Ms. Kiernan's stories and we are proud to help not only increase awareness of autism in our world today. But perhaps even more importantly - that of acceptance and appreciation of autism, as well.  

To view the series, please visit


Ice Cream Break

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!  

On Wednesday, June 7, the Campus leadership team had a little surprise for all persons served and staff. They filled up a wagon with ice-cream treats, blasted ice-cream truck music and passed out treats. Who doesn't love ice cream? We enjoyed the sunny day and was a fun way to spend time together outdoors. It was also fun to see all the smiles it brought to the faces of the individuals we serve, as well as our team members!