In 1991, a group of parents and professionals in Iowa came together to create new living and working opportunities for adults with autism. They researched other programs around the country and talked with experts in the field of autism.

From these efforts Balance Autism took root. When founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in 1994 it was named The Homestead because its earliest program focused on a working farm where adults with autism could live and work, raising fruits and vegetables.

Since that beginning 24 years ago, Balance Autism has evolved. Our capabilities have broadened. Our staff has increased. We now serve persons of all ages. As the field of autism research has evolved, we’ve brought its most effective solutions to the persons and families we serve.

Today, Balance Autism offers services to more than 300 children and 150 adults annually; employs 400 highly trained and devoted staff members and has an operating budget of $21 million.

And yet, as much as we’ve grown, our mission has remained rooted in our core value: to provide balance in the lives of those with autism.